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We want a long term relationship with our clients.
We are not freelancers. We don’t do web development on the side while working a full time job as well. We are dedicated developers. We do this job full time and have no other outside interests. That’s why we can give you the time and attention needed to make your project successful.


We are passionate about helping our clients to achieve the best possible result for their business.


We respect our clients time and we endeavour to meet all deadlines that we agree to. We keep our clients up to date with our work schedule and communicate frequently and consistently.


We provide excellent Customer Service to our customers. Good communication through all stages of the project is important so our clients know what we are doing and any issues can be addressed as quickly as possible.


We won’t sell you what you don’t need. It’s that simple. If we don’t think you will benefit from a service or a feature we will tell you so. Of course, as the client you may still want to go ahead and we will be fine with that.
Owning up to our mistakes or misjudgements. We always strive to provide the best solution and services to our clients but if we occasionally fail to live up to that standard we will acknowledge it and make up for our deficiencies.
If we cannot provide you with the service you require then we will recommend someone who can serve you better.
We only work on projects where we can provide value to our clients. We expect the value we provide to our client to be many times the cost of the project. If we don’t think we can provide that value, we won’t take the job.