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Mobile friendly website payment plan

The Challenge

Small businesses need to market themselves if they want to survive. Failure rates are high, especially for small businesses. A website can prove an effective way of marketing your services but how to pay for one?

The Solution

Introducing our two year payment plan. Spread the cost of your new website over two years!

Get a mobile friendly website quickly without having to make a big upfront payment.


Down payment needed

Months to repay

Days until new website

Mobile Friendly Website

Get your new Mobile Friendly Website

Looks great on all mobile devices

All our websites are designed to look great on mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs. We optimise the performance of the website so it can load quickly on mobile devices.

Optimised for Search Engines (SEO)

No one can buy your services or product if they don’t know you exist. We ensure, by using the latest coding standards and SEO best practices, to maximise the chance of ranking well on search engines.

Secure from hackers

We only use high quality hosting accounts, in addition we pay for premium themes and plugins to ensure that your website will be secure. We take frequent backups, during the lifetime of your payment plan, to ensure we can always restore your site if anything happens.


Frequently asked questions

I don’t need domain registration can I use the plan without it?

No, otherwise you could point your domain to another website before finishing repayment.

Can I use this plan to update my existing website?

No. This plan is for a new website only. If you would like to use this payment plan to completely replace your existing website but you already have a domain then you can contact us to discuss how we can help you (typically we will require a larger deposit).

Can I use the payment plan without the bundled website care plan?

No. To ensure that the website stays up to date and is secure from hackers and spammers we maintain the site for you while you repay the cost of the website. After repayment you are free to discontinue with the website care plan or move to another developer.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We will remind you of your missed payment. If you miss a second payment in a row we will replace your website with a maintenance page and turn off the server – this reduces our costs as we have to pay for hosting. Once all missed payments have been repaid we can reactivate your website again.

Does it have to be 24 months?

No, repayment can be over a 12 month period if preferred.

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