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Business-to-Business or B2B marketing is the sale of a service or product to another business. At it’s core your business is about building and maintaining relationships with your customers.

Here are some of the top B2B Marketing Trends you can use to help grow your business:

1. Mobile will dominate

Mobile devices are becoming the dominant method of consuming content for many users, especially in South East Asia (for example, in Singapore 85% of people own a mobile phone). It’s essential for any business to have a mobile friendly website.

Company executives are no exception. They use their mobile phones most of the time, so you need your content and social media posts to be consumable on mobile devices if you hope to reach them.

Forester predicts that by 2020 every 1 in 5 sales will originate from data collected through mobile devices.

2. Video Content Generation

46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Video is more personal than text or images. It can help humanize your company, so if you don’t have any video blogs yet you should prioritize them for this year.

Some ideas for videos:

  • Interview of yourself or your employees
  • Customer Interview
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Video of your product
  • Behind the scenes video of your office or retail space
  • Whats Happening – are you planning an event or workshop? Create a video about it
  • Have you done a survey or questionnaire of your customers, if so create a video to explain the results
  • Create a video about one of your written posts (perhaps one of your more popular posts)
  • Time lapse video of your product being created, or of your service you provide
  • Fun facts about your customers
  • Funny video about how “not” to use your product/service
  • Explain how a current piece of news affects you or your customers
  • How-to or explain video, e.g. How to use your product

For more ideas on videos check out: 88 Content Creation Ideas for Better Business Blog Posts, Images, or Videos

3. Make Your Content Shareable

social network logos

As a marketer, you need to make your content shareable through social media and other online channels. Selling to other businesses can be a time consuming activity and it will require you to educate your potential customer on your services or products. One of the best ways to do this is by providing educational and informative articles that you can point your potential customers to on your blog. Businesses can find your articles online through search engines and approach you directly.

4. User Experience

Having a great website that provides great user experience is important otherwise visitors will not know how to navigate your site and will simply leave. Having a website that is easy to use with a simple layout is a great signal for potential buyers. It means that you care about your customers!

Here are the important features your website should have:

  • Other Posts/Related Posts section – otherwise once they have read your article they will leave and go somewhere else. Make it easy to stay on your site and read more of your content.
  • Good typography. Your site should have an easy to read font. If it is too difficult to read the text the visitor will give up and go somewhere else.
  • Minimal distractions, e.g. flashing ads, scrolling text or “loud” images or colours.
  • Mobile Friendly: Your site should be just as easy to read and navigate on a mobile device
  • RSS Feed: Some users prefer to get your latest posts by subscribing to your RSS feed so make it easy for them to do this.
  • Comment System: You want to promote engagement with your visitors so allow commenting on all your blog posts.
  • Comment Spam Protection: You don’t want comments to be spam, it’s a sign to visitors that you are not looking after your site and if you don’t look after your own interests why would you look after anyone else’s?
  • Search: Make it easy for a visitor to find content on your site

5. Be everywhere your buyer is

Your buyer is unlikely to be on only one social network. Be being present and active on multiple social networks you can increase your chance your buyer will see your content.

BizReport found that 86% of B2B marketing firms use social media in their efforts, compared to just 82% of consumer marketing firms.

Don’t miss the chance to build a strong presence around Social Media. In a previous article I explained what the benefits of social media are.

Social Media is a great way to boost the visibility of your business. If you are popular on Social Media, that is another great signal for potential buyers.

6. Face to Face Meeting

Face to Face Meeting - Singapore 2015

Face to Face Meeting – Singapore 2015

While online marketing is undoubtedly a very efficient way of promoting yourself, never underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions. Having a strong online presence where potential buyers can learn more about your business, combined with great printed materials and a great speaker can be just the ultimate mix. In fact, marketers say that real-life interactions are among the best marketing tactics in existence.

Final Thoughts

B2B Marketing is competitive and many of your competitors will have bigger budgets than you do so you need to be innovative and creative to get ahead.

Do we miss any good techniques you should be using? Let us know in the comments. If you liked the article please consider sharing it, thanks!

All photos used with permission of Francis organiser of the Freelancers Singapore Meetup